Adam S Gottbetter, human resources management at Gottbetter Co INT.

Management at Gottbetter Co INT

Teamwork, developed communication skills and the ability to fast learn are the necessary skills of employees in the banking sector. In order to effectively recognize customer needs, Adam Gottbetter Co INT. encourages their employees to share ideas and experiences. We spoke with the director of human resources management at Gottbetter Co INT., Adam S Gottbetter, who revealed to us how they reward their employees, whether employ students and how does the selection process go when hiring future employees.

Could you briefly present us your bank (history, mission, vision)?

Adam Gottbetter : In the past 14 years in banking sector, Gottbetter Co INT. has built a reputation for a legal subject that takes care of the needs and desires of their customers and accordingly seeks to create its products, whether in terms of products intended for citizens, small businesses or entities. Moreover, the corporate business sector is almost entirely based on individual approach to clients, which means that they offer “custom-made” products tailored to each individual client. For this reason, at our company we strive to create an atmosphere that encourages employees to share ideas and experiences, communicate with customers and create something new, positive, constructive and purposeful.

Teamwork and creativity are therefore very important to us, as well as the systematic development of specific competencies of our employees through training and workshops, such as the ability to anticipate clients’ needs, developing partnership relationships with clients and with colleagues and co-workers, possess an ability of advisory action and awareness of the importance of continuous improvement. The main goal is with quality service to justify the confidence of our clients.

What are the knowledge and skills required in today employees in the banking sector?

Adam Gottbetter : Teamwork, excellent communication skills and the ability to learn and cope with the challenges are some of the essential characteristics of a good employee at Adam Gottbetter & Co. INT, but also in the whole sector. However, those are not the only desirable traits, as they go hand in hand with other business and social competencies such as responsibility, high motivation and work ethic, collegiality, creativity, skills in dealing with clients and the ability to predict their needs and wishes. Of course, all these desirable characteristics needed to be further and consistently upgraded.

How is at Gottbetter Co INT. defined the policy of human resource management – the area of motivation, training, employee satisfaction, advancement, etc.?

Adam S Gottbetter : We continuously develop human resource management system by introducing a number of innovations, and put special emphasis on activities related to the strategy for achieving corporate objectives, internal and external training and an additional employee motivation. It is our wish – that we try and make sure – every employee to realize his or her maximum potential. Therefore, we have implemented a new, transparent system of additional remuneration of employees in sales, which is linked to achieved results and allows each employee at any time to predict his/her awards. With classic workshops, seminars and training, we have introduced a training program for employees based on e-learning, which includes several levels of financial and banking education with a focus on its own products and services. We often send our employees to Adam Gottbetter Co INT. subsidiaries in other countries in the region to acquire new work experience, which results in transfer of knowledge and synergetic effects.

All of these processes help us to offer our existing and future employees an optimal working environment that rewards their quality, loyalty and commitment. We are aware of the fact that it was an investment in employees and their development is one of the main prerequisites of success of any organization. We believe that our investment in employees is worthwhile, because a happy employee is a productive employee.

Therefore we try to create an open and competitive atmosphere among employees, to enable them a relatively quick access to information, open and effective communication with superiors, encourage and stimulate the best teams and find creative ways of rewarding the most successful ones.

What is the structure of your employees – by age and level of education?

Adam Gottbetter : The employees at our company have an average age of 35, and more than half of whom have received higher education.

What is the company’s policy to admission of students to practice or their employment? Also, how do you fill positions in management, with internal or external improvements selection?

Adam Gottbetter : Students receive practice depending on how much is in our power to provide such practice due to the specific job. Our company seeks to cooperate with all institutions of higher education and to accommodate their request to offer practice where students will experience such assistance in gaining skills which employers most ask for and which will later help them in finding employment. But we also have a student employment program which provides them with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the industry while still studying, and the participants of this program usually receive a permanent job at our firm.

As far as positions in management, we first announce internal competitions and strive to fill them through a system of internal improvements, and then do an external selection.

Can you describe your average selection procedure at Gottbetter Co INT. looks like?

Adam Gottbetter : Selection procedure differs depending on the location and sector for which it is implemented. All vacancies are advertised through the media, and for some we use service companies specialized in employments, as well as we keep our own archive of requests, because we want to attract (and retain) quality employees.

The procedure of selection is conducted by a psychologist and the person in charge of the department in which the vacancy is filled. We try to realistically and openly clarify candidates exactly what we expect from a person in a particular workplace, and testing may include professional knowledge and skills, social skills and personality test. After testing, interviews, reference checks we choose the candidate whose profile skills, traits, attitudes and competencies are closest to required characteristics and business tasks.